Daily Valuation Recordkeeping ::

The need for accurate accounting and proper allocation of all monies in a retirement plan cannot be emphasized too strongly. Failure to account accurately for the monies in a retirement plan can distort participant account balances, cause unnecessary work for everyone, increase the fiduciary risks to the plan's Trustees, adversely affect participant enrollments, and endanger the favorable tax status of your plan.

Heritage is equipped with new, state-of-the-art computer hardware and the most sophisticated "daily valuation" recordkeeping software available in the industry.

By way of our strategic partnerships with Charles Schwab Trust Company, Mid Atlantic Trust Company and Matrix Trust Company, Heritage provides its clients with the most diverse offering of mutual funds available anywhere. As a Heritage client, your recordkeeping services include:

True Open Architecture

Over 10,000 mutual funds to choose from, incluing no-loads funds and institutional funds


Low cost exchange traded funds

Actively Managed Portfolios

Managed by a Registered Investment Advisory firm that signs on as a co-fiduciary.

Brokerage Account

For even more flexibility, a brokerage account can be made available to plan participants at the election of the Trustee.

Private Company Stock

The Pegaesus Platform can incorporate investments held in company stock through an Employer Stock Option Plan or Employer Stock Bonus Plan

More than just investment flexibility – the technology behind the Pegaesus Platform is designed for ease of use for both plan sponsors and participants. Our goal is simple: to give you everything you need to do better.

  • Participant Site
  • Updated balances by source and fund
  • Transaction history/ personal performance
  • Plan documents such as SPD, Investment Policy Statement, Safe Harbor Notice
  • Investment performance, reference and education
  • Investment changes, transfers and automatic rebalancing
  • View and change beneficiary designation
  • Adjust salary deferral election
  • View and print past statements
  • Plan Sponsor Site
  • Updated plan balances
  • Transaction history
  • Plan Documents
    • Summary Plan Description
    • Summary Annual Report
    • Form 5500
  • Summary reports on demand
  • Participant specific reports on demand.
  • Password resets

In addition employees will receive timely, easy to read quarterly statements. Distributions and loans are processed within 3 business days and all tax withholding and tax forms are prepared.

Why Choose Us

Cost-effective, time saving plan management

Open architecture fund availability

Comprehensive web-based access, administrative tools and reporting

Personalized, professional support services

Ease of use at every step

Powerful services that ensure the success of every retirement plan

We look forward to serving your company and its retirement plan participants with superior technology and service. We are committed to providing an outstanding experience for plan sponsors, and participants.